Moonleaf 2012 Planner Review

Finally got myself a Moonleaf 2012 planner!

When I first saw the planner online, I got hooked to it's simplicity. I was with my cousins at Antipolo that time and immediately asked my eldest cousin if there was a Moonleaf branch nearby. Too bad the nearest branch was located somewhere in Marikina and no one could bring us there. So I had to wait until classes in UST resume.

I got my planner at Moonleaf Tolentino, it was the branch nearest to my dorm. There weren't any samples available in the shop, so I purchased one without checking if the paper used was marker-friendly. To my surprise, the pages were too thin. I couldn't doodle on it using my markers because it would definitely leave marks at the opposite page. This somehow ruined my entire yay-I-got-a-new-planner excitement.

Note to planner doodlers: Be sure to buy yourself the right marker for your Moonleaf planner.

Cheers to my favorite part in this planner: Discount coupons! I'm a tea lover myself and I find these coupons very useful. Milk tea has somehow became my instant stress reliever, specially when running loads of org errands.

We got Belle de Jour to sponsor some events of the Thomasian Junior Marketing Association (TJMA) and this made me get a free CAMPUS BDJ planner. Campus BDJ can still be used until May 2012 and I'm currently torn between the two planners.

And yes, who would forget the spread made for notes? I love this sheet so much that I immediately wrote stuff on it (it can't be seen in the picture for some private reason. Haha!). Plus, the "Notes spread" is similar to the pages of a Starbucks planner and this is the only page I could doodle on.

Planners come it two colors: Cream and Black. I had second thoughts on which one to get, but I got the cream planner instead because it's much cheaper. But I really wanted the black one. Screw me for having a limited weekly income.

I personally recommend this planner, so while stocks last, GET YOURS NOW! #shamelesslyplugging

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