Great Finds at it's Cheapest!

Went shopping with my mom and some balikbayan relatives (whom I met for the first time) at 168 yesterday. Right after my exam, mom picked me up and parked the car at my dorm. The sun was high up, sky was at it's clearest blue. A great weather for a jeepney ride to Divisoria!

So here were the stuff I bought;

First, A baseball shirt.
I've looking for this kind of shirt since Zac Efron started to wear one in High School Musical 1. After 4 years of searching, finally found one that looks similar to what I've been wishing to have. Cheers! Original price is 350 but my mom used her bargaining powers and got this shirt for only 300php. I wonder how she does that. Haha!

Second, basics!
My usual get up is actually composed of just a shirt, shorts and slip ons. My style is somehow close to "boyishness" so I don't really put too much "arte" on my wardrobe unless I'm in the mood to dress up. Got these shirts for only a hundred each. Very very worth it! The yellow v-neck comes in brown, pink and sky blue. Bought the yellow one though 'cause I don't have a yellow shirt yet. To think that I'm studying in UST. Haha!

There's so many to choose from I was too overwhelmed that I bought three rings! Decided to give one to Steph, my balikbayan cousin (who looks exactly like me only that she's much much much sexier. Hihi) Steph got the leaf ring with blue studs on it. I'm glad that she loved it. Got these babies for only 50php each. Great finds, eh?

Fourth, feather dangling earrings.
I don't really know where or when to use this, but I think this one's pretty awesome. This pair is sold at 3 pairs for 100php. I only purchased one and paid 35php for this baby.

And of course, the highlight of my thrift trip (guess you had a hard time pronouncing that. Haha!), BROWN BOOTS!
I'm quite sure the Gods sent this baby to me, so thank you! Haha! Believe it or not, I got this pair for only 450php. Yeah, I started to invest on stilettos, heels and other "working girl shoes" for the upcoming internship this summer. This is my 8th pair btw, now I don't know where to put this baby. Boo me for not having a shoe rack. Toodles!

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