Knick Knack

There’s this guy. And yes, he kinda has my heart. How? Beats me.

He held my hand tightly. Squeezed it to be exact. Since he did that, I thought he was about to tell me something special, something deep. But then, he whispered, “Zia… May nakaputi sa tabi mo. TAAAAAKBOOOO!”

Sigh. Akala ko kung ano na. xD

♥ Sealed with a kiss,

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The Shutterbug

An eighteen year-old camwhore, turning nineteen this year but denies it.
Loves to sing, but music hates her. A minimalist-design junkie. "Milk tea a day" is her usual drill. A frustrated actress.
Email me @ zwycoco@gmail.com I'd love to hear from you! :)

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