A Summer to Remember


Great. Classes just started. Boo!! Summer ended too fast. I didn’t even get a chance to spend time in beaches and resorts this summer. Oh well, swimming isn’t my thing anyway. Mangingitim lang ako. *Laughs*

Summer’08 was a busy summer for me. My schedule was jam-packed with activities like rehearsals, UPCAT review and workshops. I didn't have time to go out with my friends. But I’m thankful that I have things to do this summer unlike 2 summers ago, when I barely got out of my room and been bored to death. *Sigh* Those were the days when my back was glued to my bed. Talk about laziness. LOL

I miss Playshop. Another 10 months before summer. Raarrrr. I’m not sure if I can enroll to Trumpets again. “Class Act” could be my last play in Trumpets. Love you guys! You guys rock! Party tayo ulit! Anyone?


♥ Sealed with a kiss,

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