"What's in my bag?" (My own edition)

You guys are prolly wondering who am I to post such kind of topic which is intended mostly for bloggers. Well, I'm bored and this is my way of killing boredom (it was a very very lazy afternoon indeed).

So.. TADA-AH! I'm obviously a huge fan of the color pink and I think it's already a part of women's nature to love this color. (Am I right, girls? HAHAHA) These are the stuff I actually use and are most of the time present in my bag/purse.

  • Sun Broadband Wireless Stick - I usually carry this anywhere in case I feel the need of going online. This is my very first broadband stick and it's performance really annoys me most of the time.
  • Hair Brush - To avoid bad hair days.
  • Sun Glasses - Well, this one's not only for eye protection but also adds up style and confidence. HAHA
  • Liz Claiborne Wallet - I've been using this wallet for almost 3 years now and so far, it hasn't tore up yet. I store so much stuff into my wallet such as cash, coins, atm cards, calling cards, receipts and even pictures.
  • B&B Works PocketBac - BEST THING THAT HAPPENED IN MY LIFE so far. I also love the silicone case that comes with this thing and how convenient it is for everyone.
  • Wet 'n Wild Lipstick (505A) - Comes in handy when I need to put a little color on my lips to avoid looking dull.
  • Forever 21 Fashion Mirror - Such a cutie patootie. Couldn't resist getting one.
  • Parker personalized pen - The only reason I bring this pen around is because it's pink. Haha, but seriously, I rarely use this pen because I might lose it or something. Plus, my name is carved on it which makes it extra special.
  • Pilot G-Tech C4 - I use this to write notes, reminders and draw doodles.
  • Blackberry 9780 (Bettina) -I have this weird habit of naming my gadgets. Haha! This one's Bettina and she keeps me updated with family and friends through texts, calls, tweets, Facebook and BBM.
  • Samsung Star (Patrick) - Yup, I have another phone and this one is used to contact my networks in Sun.
  • iPod Nano (Polly Pink) - I'm not really much of a music junkie but this baby keeps me away from being bored.
  • Clean & Clear Oil Control Film - Like other girls, I hate having that "oily shine".
  • Maybelline Powder Foundation - A girl must be always picture ready! Haha!

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